Tour of Essex businesses comes to Crittall

Crittall Windows has always been involved with the local business community. And once again we welcomed to the factory local MP for the Witham constituency, and Minister for Employment, Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, plus Essex Chambers of Commerce Chief Executive, Denise Rossiter.

They were on a tour of leading mid-Essex businesses, and the visit aimed to find out more about the work being undertaken by some of the constituency’s leading employers, and the impact of government policies on their day-to-day activities.

Commenting on the day’s visits Priti, a big supporter of local businesses, and a regular visitor to Crittall said: “Essex is renowned for its outstanding businesses and I was pleased to be able to visit a number of leading companies in the Witham constituency. It has been great to see examples of manufacturers that export all over the globe.

“Our region has one of the fastest growing economies in Britain and amongst the lowest levels of unemployment, both trends that I want to see continue ensuring that the Witham constituency, Essex and Britain can continue to spearhead a strong economic recovery. My experiences today have demonstrated that Essex is good for business and long may it continue.”

Denise Rossiter, Chief Executive of Essex Chambers of Commerce, added: “Priti has been a good friend to Essex Chambers and businesses generally for several years. so I was delighted to be able to show her some of the really enterprising businesses that we have in the county. We both found the variety of businesses fascinating, and they reinforced the need for the government to provide the investment in our infrastructure to ensure that businesses like those we saw on our tour, can continue to prosper and provide employment for local people.”

Stuart Judge, Crittall Windows’ managing director commented: “We were delighted Priti and Denise chose Crittall Windows as part of their tour of local businesses. Priti has always been extremely supportive of Crittall and has a real understanding of the challenges that we as a business deal with on a day-to-day basis. Also, as a major, successful, employer in the area, we have close connections with Essex Chambers of Commerce.

“This visit gave our visitors the opportunity to see the fruits of our recent capital investment, which includes extra staff, advanced CNC production equipment, and the £1/4m renewable energy solar energy system. The installed 1,000 Solar PV panels contribute to reducing the overall energy expenditure of the Crittall business. “Additionally, we also highlighted how our manufacturing expertise, staff skills and high standards reinforce Crittall’s position as one of the world’s leading steel window manufacturers.”

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