Gramercy Park North – NY

ProjectGramercy Park North - NY
ProductCorporate W20™
ArchitectMatthew Baird Architects
Crittall Specialist PartnerSeptember 2011
ClientPrivate resident
ContractorRobert K Higgins Co

This triplex penthouse on Manhattan’s Gramercy Park blends historic and contemporary New York in a 3000sf renovation that involves the combination of three apartments. The details are inspired by the Neo-Gothic 1929 building, reinterpreting the dark, heavy existing materials into lighter more diaphanous versions of the same element. Rough facade masonry transforms into honed slab stone for kitchens, baths and floors. Rusty steel from original infrastructure translates to crisp blackened steel door jambs and stair stringers. old steel windows and doors are updated with new Crittall windows and doors to enhance thermal performance and operation while maintaining the desired aesthetic of the building.

The space unfolds as the stair emerges from a steel plate and glass box enclosure, revealing the free plan of the second level where living, dining and cooking activities intermingle. New Crittall steel doors and windows allow for maximum views of the exterior terrace while paying homage to the original single-pane fenestration.

On the upper floor, cantilevered wood treads capped with a custom steel section and glass guardrail wrap up under an exposed steel girder. Transluscent glass risers allow light to flow freely between floors. The vertical journey culminates in a penthouse with a 15’ ceiling and sweeping views of the city, framed by new Crittall windows and doors that open onto the second level of terrace.

The unique parameters of this renovation called for replacement steel windows with a modern take on the original single-pane steel-framed units. In addition to increased thermal and moisture pretectino, a visual update was desired, decreasing the  number of divided lies and using Crittall’s W20 line proved to be the perfect solution. Frank Allart’s Phoenix hardware similarly blends historic surface-mounted email and heft with cleaner, more contemporary lines, creating the ideal profile for a contemporary take on a pre-ware New York City Gramercy Park penthouse.

This case study is based on architectural comment and submitted entry photography for recent entry in our Crittall Architectural Prize

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