Hudson River House – NY

ProjectHudson River House - NY
ProductCorporate 2000™
Architect1100 Architect PC
Crittall Specialist PartnerJanuary 2009
ClientPrivate resident
ContractorRobert K Higgins Co

This three-story, 7,400-square-foot single family home is situated on a sloping site in the Hudson River Valley. The design of this modern home was guided by its immediate surroundings – both the vistas provided by its perch above the Hudson River and the geological strata of the land.


The shifting volumes created by this concept allow for terraced areas that present stunning views of the river and the heavily forested land surrounding the property. An open plan interior is reminiscent of a loft setting, which was driven by the clients’ desire for informality. The slender profile of the Crittall windows in conjunction with a double-height living space enhance the feeling of openness and connection to the landscape and allow natural airflow through the house.

The rhythm of the exterior is expressed on the interior through the modular patterns in the built-in cabinetry, the shifting planes of the fireplaces, and the vertical striations in the wood floors and staircase. The house is designed to flexibly respond to shifts in climate over the course of the four seasons – it opens up to catch natural breezes in the summer, and is closed and warm in the winter.

This case study is based on architectural comment and submitted entry photography for recent entry in our Crittall Architectural Prize

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