Corporate 2000

A re-design of the traditional hot rolled steel window. Whilst retaining the slender styling so characteristic of steel fenestration, Corporate 2000 has just three master sections. The slimline rigidity of steel sections allows the design of flat and unobtrusive ‘minimum’ coupling – with no protruding mullion or transomes – for all but the largest glazing spans.

Corporate 2000 is equally suited for residential, institutional and commercial applications, and can be used to produce unusual and innovative window wall designs. Major user sectors are offices, hotels, hospitals, universities and schools.

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  • A High Performance pressure equalized design
  • 40 mm front to back dimension
  • Insulated double glazing up to 29mm thickness using dry gaskets and aluminium glazing bead
  • External rainscreen and internal airseal gaskets positively secured
  • Unitised construction
  • Hot-Dip galvanised
  • Factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish
  • Double integral co-extruded TPE weatherstripping
  • General exposure category: 2000pa
  • Flat faced frame.
  • Ideal for NEW BUILD projects.

Fittings Range

  1. Standard hand operated folding opener
  2. Spring Catch
  3. Friction arm
  4. Standard friction restricting stay
  5. Concealed bolt
  6. Standard side arm

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1 Limits for single pane only

2 Subject to glass weight limits

3 Minimum height of kicking panel 300mm

All maximum sizes are given for guidance only. They assume the use of standard hardware specified for each type. Maximum sizes may not be achievable when heavy glass is used.

Multilight details are available on request.

Consult our Technical Services Department for advice…

Sound insulation of weather stripped windows/doors (approximate values averaged over a frequency range of 100 to 3150Hz).
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