Crittall Homelight Plus™ windows are an enhanced version of the successful Homelight® windows which were first made by Crittall in 1919.

Redesigned from the ground-up, the range includes new-look styling and window profiling, plus higher accredited energy-savings, performance, and enhanced security.

By offering the smallest profile size available, maximum daylight is available. Let the light into your home.

Hot-dip galvanized for durability, and in-house Duralife® polyester powder coated for exceptional performance and minimal maintenance during service life, the Homelight Plus™ window is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit any home where strength, combined with slim and elegant frames are required.

Talk to your designated Crittall Window Specialist about your requirements.



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  • Homelight Plus™ windows remain the same style to the original Homelight SMW range
  • All windows and doors are hot dipped galvanized against corrosion.
  • All Homelight Plus™ windows include double weatherstripping, and with larger double glazing units coupled with minimal profile sizes are able to achieve excellent Window Energy Rating standards.
  • Security is a characteristic of steel windows and doors due to the strength of steel. As a result, steel windows have very slender frames, allowing a light and airy feel to any room.

Standard Homelight Plus™ windows

  • A wide range of handles, folding openers, multi-point locking systems and stays are available for casements and fanlights.
  • Period and contemporary finishes suited across the hardware range.
  • Security and restrictor options.
  • Background trickle ventilators.
  • Traditional welded steel hinges in addition to modern concealed friction arms.
  • Ancillary pressed metal cills and weather bars.

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  • The acoustic sound reducing properties of Double Glazing Units (DGU) will change when weighted acoustic values and installation into a frame are taken into consideration
  • Solar Control glass will affect solar properties (and therefore any potential energy rating), but not thermal performance
  • Be aware that if total glass thickness in a DGU exceeds 12mm the increased weight may affect maximum frame and hardware limits

Please consult Crittall for technical advice


*Improved performance can be achieved depending on window sizes and with additional hardware applied.

Performance figures apply to both standard and multi-point locking hardware


Visit our downloads section for further regulatory and technical information.