Versatility in replication and new build, the Berkeley Window was originally created in order to replace existing 1920’s and 1930’s steel windows that were predominantly single pane leaded glass, exterior putty glazed. For the Berkeley window, Crittall developed an entirely new series of hot rolled sections where a solid steel chamfer replicates exterior putty glazing, whilst the interior glazing improves access for reglazing and security.

Berkeley offers an ideal solution for both replacement projects and new construction where minimum sightlines, maximum daylight, and fine detail are desired. The system is suitable for high-end residential, institutional and commercial applications.

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  • High performance
  • Unique articulated frame and sash
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish
  • Double integral EPDM weatherstripping
  • Glazing up to 18mm.
  • Has a solid steel chamfer that replicates a putty glazing exterior.
  • Ideal for traditional refurbishment projects.
  • Registered design.
  1. Sliding Stay
  2. Non Projecting Self Aligning Hinge
  3. Filigree Handle Plate – Two position night ventilation handle


Alternative hardware can be accommodated by all ranges – consult Crittall for details

Sound insulation of weather stripped windows/doors (approximate values averaged over a frequency range of 100 to 3150Hz).

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Please visit our downloads section for all CAD documents and technical information