Blast and Bullet Resistant Glass

Our Blast and Ballistic Division has quickly been established as a leading player within blast and ballistic resistant systems and can bring a wealth of technical expertise and real experience to your project.

Petrochemical Blast

We have a range of products especially designed for high risk buildings such as refineries and chemical storage facilities. Proven by testing at internationally recognised Baker Risk in Texas, we also design bespoke solutions.  For example, the Crittall Fendor HydroCarbon Fire window was developed specifically for a client who did not want to have to brick in existing windows in a building close to a pipeline.

All BlastLine™ systems are designed in accordance with ASCE Design of Blast Resistant Buildings, GSA Standard GN04-005 and in accordance with the Petrochemical Industry Recommended Practice of Design of Blast Resistant Buildings April 1998.

Terrorist Blast

We have a range of solutions tested at live arena tests including testing on behalf of the MOD, achieving success with a fully glazed window at 12m standoff with 100kg,   We also provide windows, doors and curtain walling that will meet the needs of sensitive buildings such as government departments, airports and embassies.


Our BlastLine systems are installed in sensitive Government buildings and petrochemical plants across the globe including the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Blast Resistant and Bullet Resistant Glass

We can advise on the appropriate glass for your application as understanding the system is only part of the solution. BlastLine Glass 4 and 5 is available and can be manufactured to incorporate both fire and physical attack resistance.

Due to the complex and sensitive nature of blast resistant products, please contact our Technical Manager for more information.

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