Corporate W20 windows and doors range offers great versatility.  No other steel window system offers such an extensive range of profiles, allowing the designer the opportunity to create many styles including elaborate composite windows.

An effective weatherstripping system and the option of double glazing up to 16.4mm/ 5/8″ ensures excellent thermal insulation properties – and the system’s large opening casements and slim frame make it particularly popular with conservationists and planners.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers flexibility in design via shaped windows and has the ability to form extensive composite windows
  • Glazing up to 16.4mm / 5/8″
  • Aesthetically delivers very slim sightlines to maximize glazing
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish
  • Integral EPDM weatherstripping
  • English Heritage approved
  • Ideal for Replica Refurbishment

Fittings Range

  1. Standard hand operated folding opener
  2. Standard spring catch
  3. Peg stay
  4. Standard friction restricting stay
  5. Concealed bolt
  6. Standard side arm

Alternative hardware can be accommodated.  Please contact Crittall for detail.

Window Types and Limit Chart

Windows Types And Limit Chart Corpo W20


1 Limits for single pane only

2 Subject to glass weight limits

3 Minimum height of kicking panel 12″

All maximum sizes are given for guidance only. They assume the use of standard hardware specified for each type. Maximum sizes may not be achievable when heavy glass is used

Consult Crittall Technical Services Department for advice:  Contact

Accoustic Properties

Sound insulation of weather stripped windows/doors (approximate values averaged over a frequency range of 100 to 3150Hz).

Accoustic Proproperties Corpo W20

Steel Performance

Steel Performance Corpo W20

*A higher wind resistance can be achieved.

Main performance is based on UK test criteria for US value equivalents (ASTM) contact us.

Find your Crittall Specialist Partner

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Finishes:   Crittall Duralife Standard Color Guide

Hardware:  Crittall Windows Hardware Brochure

Life expectancy:  Life Expectancy Declaration – Steel

CAD Downloads

Corporate W20 Range

Cold Formed Doors

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